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Best beach in The County for your May Long weekend stay

Who doesn't enjoy the calming sound of waves crashing on the warm sunny shore as you bask in the sunlight of an early summer day? Sandbanks Outlet Beach has been a favourite of locals and visitors alike for decades in Prince Edward County. With the early spring heat this year, the water drenched shores of PEC are ready for all to come and relax, but the outlet beach isn't the only show in town! North Beach is another lesser known Provincial Park that has a lot to offer. It is located in Hillier, PEC's coveted wine region. I sense a sip and dip may be in your future. With its bay side and lake side option, North Beach has it all. Wind and waves, on the lake side or calm and quiet on the bay side. The bay side is great for kids as it is sandy and shallow UNTIL the drop off about 40ft out so keep the littles in their pfds! Stay at Cribs on Main, or our sister hotel Cribs on the Hill and check out all the beaches in the area. Is Beach Tour a thing yet? We definitely think it should be. Check out our activities page for the beaches we love!

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